Creating Western Bathroom Decor

Western bathroom decor – Western themed shower can be fun as you want, depending on your taste. The choice of your decor reflects your personality while giving you the opportunity to display your collection.

elegant western bathroom decor

Wooden walls and floors

It is quite rural, western look in the room before adding extra decoration, and the completion of a complex of rooms with pine or reclaimed barn board walls. Each has a distinctive look that is reminiscent of the West or state of life, especially the aged, vintage look of old barn wood. Using old wood reclaimed from the factory or warehouse floor enhance the look, appeal and originality lens hanging from the wall decor items.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas With Lamps And Wood Western Bathroom Design Ideas With Great Lighting

Wall Accessories

Wall accessories bring western bathroom decor. Spurs hung on the wall near the bathroom sink twice as subjects for drinking glasses or hair dryer. Horseshoe Farm or sign hanging above the door or toilet area promoting western vibe. The use of drag is not a traditional picture frame around the artwork to add a tinge more cowboy.

Rustic Western Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Glass-Wall-And-Sink-Western-Bathroom-Design Ideas With Great Lighting

Towels and curtains

Towels, curtains and shower curtain bring the feel of the West to life. Horse shower curtain and towels are valid for horse lovers. Towels and curtains will also feature a wolf howling at the moon with cypress trees in the background. Custom embroidery covering letter of the name of your own, farm or trademarks of iron style, and enhance this effect.

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Carpet and Room Accessories

Carpet soil or bath mat made of ropes, such as that used in Lasso, bringing the feel of the room to the west. Toilet paper holder made to look like the Spurs or horse bridles at home in the bathroom the West, as well as the toothbrush holder featuring a cowboy riding a horse, or even cows. Cup-spotted cow, blankets and trash toilet paper or carpet add to the effect. If possible, repeat the subject on the side of the room – for example, a cow on the towels and rugs, to add cohesion to the room. That’s about western bathroom décor.