Materials to Make Window Curtain

Are you having small house or large house? Whatever the size of your house, the decoration in the home is very important for make you more comfortable to stayed.

window curtain design

The house will be perfect with adding window curtain. The house can be transparent when there are not wearing the curtain. Although the house would look extensively without any curtain, but the curtain will be helping you in the night to dissuade others to see our house while you are asleep. In addition, the window curtain can also obstruct the sun into the house directly. So the home owner will feel protected by the presence of the curtain. Curtain requires fabric that can falling and soft such as satin, lace and weaving.

window curtain for living room

Satin fabric is favored by many people to be used as a window curtain. Shiny fabric and can falling make it suitable to be good curtain. Especially satin have a classic style. Glossy accents make this material looks more elegant, formal and expensive. Satin favored by many people because this material has a dense tangle of threads that can be affective to cover the window. In addition, the color and motif are also diverse and you can choose according to your pretension. For lace, lace has a thin material. Lace is often used for net curtains. Lace can also beautify the look of the window when the curtains opened. Lace motif is very diverse, usually more complicated design, lace also become more expensive. Weaving is also favored by many people to use as a window curtain because of its rough and natural ingredient.

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Wooden can also we used as a curtain, with a length up some thin pieces of wood and then lined up laterally to form a curtain. Wooden blinds can also be used to be a window curtain. Wood blinds much preferred because it looks simple and also can control light and air entering well. And it is also very effective to provide security and reduce noise. Beside wood, there is bamboo, same like wood because this bamboo also preferred to be used as curtains. However, bamboo is more affordable than wood blinds. Otherwise, rattan can also become a curtain, but before you make the rattan for window curtain, the rattan must have the drying process in order there are not overgrown fungus.